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Graphic Novel / Illustrated Comic:

'The Fox Who Became A Girl'

The Fox Who Became A Girl is a fairy tale fable about love
and longing, and for anyone who has ever wished to be changed.
Written by Chloe Bear, Orion Fern is bringing this fairy tale
to life in the form of an illustrated comic book of about 20 pages
of beautiful ink and watercolour work weaving the legend.
Due for release in 2024.

Watch Orion's progress of the comic on his stream!
Live Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday weekly!

Lastly I proudly announce that The Greater Denton Arts Council has chosen this project to award a micro-grant to which covers
the cost of the first 100 printings of The Fox comic, awarded 2023.

Read the first 3 pages and enjoy a look at the front cover below.

Read the next pages first thing by Supporting Orion's Patreon for updates!
A small orange fox drawing.
The Fox Who Became A Girl cover art. A detailed ink and watercolor comic page.
Page 2 of the Fox Who Became A Girl comic Page 3 of the Fox Who Became A Girl
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