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The Super Posh Club
Original Concept by Stephen Steinbach
Lead Character Design by Orion Fern
Story and Animation by entire Super Posh Team

Ever wonder what pet show contestants of the 1970's do outside of showing off? Stand up on your hind legs and take a deep dive into the fabulous city lives of an underground dog gang, the Super Posh Club! These dastardly canines get into all sorts of trouble with their feline rivals in an animated short currently in production.

After losing their weekend pet show to a cute rabbit, the two teams agree to hold a “real competition” to see who the true best in show is. Who will it be? The dogs of Super Posh? Or the cats of the Mew Crew? Tune in later in 2024 to see the final animatic of the episode!
The Super Posh Club started as a concept by Stephen Steinbach, my professor, for a pre-production class project. I had the honor of working on the project as a lead character designer. Super Posh has since taken off with this pre-production team and is in the works in the production class currently.

Animation is being done in Adobe Character Animator and After Effects. Character designs and all art for this series are created in Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint and ultimately Illustrator as vector files for the final draft. We also use Premiere Pro for editing and Audition for mixing audio.

This project will be completed outside of class with a dedicated team of artists now that Stephen has handed it off to me to lead and pitch. I hope to, with the team, bring this series to the air someday!

For your viewing here, I will be showing my contribution as a character designer on the project.

Final Character Line-ups

Character Profiles

Background Design & Prop Design

Final animatic coming soon edited by me.
Full short has been postponed indefinitely until I can afford to pay my teammates to work with me on the project.
This is a future seed I'll come back to lead again later in our career.
Keep an eye on this page for any updates on the animatic!
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