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'The Yawning Nebula' & Crew - Character Design Project

 The 'Yawning Nebula' is a legendary space pirate ship headed by a large crew, led by Captain Darkstarr.

This project's scope was to bring the characters from this D&D 5th edition game campaign to life and to depict them in these final illustrations.

Working with the client and each player on their designs, we brought them all into one recognizable style to look cohesive as a unit together. This also includes my character, the pink and green haired lionfolk. Non-Playable Characters from the crew that our DM played are also included.

Game was DM'd by my friend Rel spanning from 2017 to 2018. Character designing and final illustration project was commissioned by player and friend Zev as a parting gift for the group. Other than the descriptions I received from the players and DM, I was allowed creative freedom to interpret.

Captain Darkstarr the tiefling-drow Echo the Kenku with orange cat and bird friends
Nova Pyxis the Lionfolk Bard Balthazar O'Malley the Dworc (Dwarf Orc) Chef
Pinq the Goblin Mechanic Oz the Artillery Export Octopus Person
Tam'Resh the symbiote alien unit Twigg the Treant Doctor
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