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Zines & Self-Publishing

Zines and the act of self-publishing via small print press has always been appealing to me since a young age, creating my own "newspapers" I would share with family and friends. Since 2021 I got back into zines and started creating my own to further develop my voice as an artist.

Many of my zines deal with LGBTQ+ topics that affect my personally and provide me with insight that I feel is worth turning into educational material meant to help the community and those younger than me find their places in the world and be treated better by those around them. These zines have been bought and spread at little free libraries across the USA in multiple states and have touched lives. I am proud of the connections I have been able to make with the curiosity and tinkering that crafting zines requires.

These zines display my graphic design and illustration skills and experience with printing projects.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my zines today!!!
Me holding 250 zines for Interfaith Minstries of Denton, it is a thick stack of paper. I am a white trans man wearing glasses and a black N95 respirator mask. I am also wearing a black button up sheer shirt. I am in a print shop. I am smiling from under my mask.Me holding 250 zines for Interfaith Minstries of Denton, TX 3/20/24
An All Ages Guide! Energy Saving Tips Zine with Lumi the dove your interfaith feathered friend. This is a small 8 page zine being held in my hand above a grassy background. IFM Denton /// Energy Saving Tips Zine

Interfaith Ministries of Denton reached out to me with a request to created a small zine that provided energy saving tips. Through our discussions, we narrowed it down to the top 5 areas of tips: Cooling, Heating, Water, Electricity, and Tech.

The guide is an all ages approach to these energy-saving tips! Ideal for kids to remember and grasp, making it possible for them to help their families by sharing the zine's information.

We enjoyed teaching IFM's board how to fold the zines allowing them to be able to work together to construct them whenever needed.

Download the Energy Saving Tips Zine to Read It
The zine held open showing tips for energy savng. A group of people at a long table, smiling and folding zines together.
The Field Guide of Famous Cryptids

Cryptids have always been a very special interest of mine along with any other types of monsters. For Halloween I created a 16 page full colour zine with introductory information for every famous cryptid I personally knew or liked. Included are illustrations I did of each cryptid, and photos of their most famous depictions or sightings joining them. The sticker sheet portion of this project was also a fun challenge, printed through StickerApp.

Download the Field Guide of Famous Cryptids to Read It.
A cryptid zine & a sticker sheet in vibrant sunset colours.
The Flatwoods Monster page and the Fresno Nightcrawler page in my zine, documented like an X Files sort of vibe.

Transgender 101 Guide to Supporting the Community

One zine I am proud of making is this handy helper zine, meant to provide a tether for bringing allies into an inclusive community for learning and growing - one where trans people are respected when they come out instead of treated with suspicion, anger, and rejection. The first step I felt was to create a guide for newbies to the concepts of the gender binary, transgender, and cisgender as terms. You can pick this up and know absolutely nothing but what cishet society has ingrained in you and the approach of my zine is a friendly one. Everyone is capable of change for the better, and this zine's job is to help those people get there. Knowledge is key to fighting bigotry.

Download the Trans 101 Guide to Read It.
Someone I know camt out as trans - how to support the trans community for beginners, a handy helper zine by Ovaettr.
A two page spread in my zine reading about what transgender means and introducing some key terms and generally common milestones in transition, while also reminding the reader that change is not necessary to be transgender or nonbinary.

Debunking Myths on Trans Athletes Zine

This zine was prompted by Greg Abbott's horrible visit to Texas Women's University in 2023 to sign a bill banning trans women from collegiate sports teams. A protest sprang up that I joined which consisted of the local transgender community and our allies standing up for what is right. Separating trans girls and women from their sports teams is nothing but hatred and bigotry fueled by lies.

These claims of "unfairness" are actually easily disputable myths that must be squashed with knowledge and education shared via conversation starting with this zine.

Download & Read the Zine to Learn About the Myths Debunked
Debunking Myths on transgender athletes zine created by ovaettr 2023
A quick 101: transgender = people who identify as a gender that is different than the one they were assigned at birth. Cisgender = people who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. Many myths, lies and misinfo speads rapidly about trans athletes and their inclusion in sports - specifically women's sports. Today we will debunk the top 3 myths believed about transgender athletes. If you learn something today from this zine, please share it with someone you know & start a conversation. Protect Trans Lives. Let's go! The left side page reads about the myth of unfair advantage, busted by the reality of biological diversity existing in every demographic. The right side page reads about how every sport requires different anatomy and testosterone levels don't effect performance except in a few things. At the high school levels, trans girls use puberty blockers to suppress T anyways so the point becomes moot.
'My Gender "Gist"ory' Mini AutoBio Zine

The gist of my gender is held within this cool and fun 8 pager mini zine I created digitally, printed and constructed. Inside is a comic-style telling of where I started and what my journey was like to reach who I am today.

Download to Read 'My Gender Gistory' & Get The Gist
My Gender Gistory cover art
A comic retelling of my gender journey.

A comic retelling of my gender journey.

Covid-19 Plague Survival Guide Zines

As a disabled person who is an activist I keep up with a quarterly updated Covid-19 info zine that I give away for free with N95 masks at my vendor events. Covid safety is something that, despite scientific evidence proving it's needed, is neglected by the state and by our greater communities. It is up to us now to protect us, and this is my part of doing so.

Download & Read Version 5 of my Covid-19 Info Zine & Share It
Covid-19 Zine cover
Masking protocol and guides for where to get supplies Why we mask reminders and reminder to get vaccinated

Trans Masculine & Nonbinary Inclusion in Reproductive Rights Activism Zine

Download & Read the Repro Rights Inclusion Zine

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